NolaPro Business Management Initial Setup

We will now check your system to make sure it
has everything it needs to run NolaPro properly.

Green checks mean this setting is OK.
Red Xs mean this setting needs to be changed by you or a server administrator in order to continue.

After modifying a system setting refresh this page so it can verify your new configuration.

Required Extensions
MySQL - back-end database NolaPro utilizes
ionCube Loader - used to load encoded NolaPro files
gd - needed for creating dynamic charts
session - required for logging into the system
curl - required for credit card processing
mbstring - required for multibyte string processing
PDO - required for database interaction
zlib - required for working with PDF files

Warning: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent in /home/linqtest/public_html/account/install.php on line 221
Required PHP Configuration Settings
Configuration SettingStatus
short_open_tag must be on
session.auto_start must be off
file_uploads must be on
auto_detect_line_endings must be on
safe_mode must be off
register_globals must be off
Session Failed to start a session. Check the php.ini 'session.save_path' value and confirm the path is writable.

Required Permissions for Files and Directories
File or DirectoryStatus
nolapro (Linux) or htdocs (Windows) main directory must be writable by the web server
uploads NolaPro directory must be writable
includes/my_defines.php NolaPro file must be writable
install.php NolaPro file must be writable
api/app/config/database.php NolaPro API file must be writable

You must resolve the issues marked in red above before you can continue with the installation.